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New York, February 8 – On Monday, February 11 at 11am, Shixiong Li, President of the Committee for the Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China will hold a press conference at the Women’s National Republican Club located at 3 West 51st Street in New York City.

CIPRC will release its publication Religion and National Security in China, revealing previously unseen top-secret documents procured from within China’s Government, with chilling evidence of secret orders to persecute a wide range of religious groups throughout China. According to Mr. Li, "It is our great hope that President Bush will utilize his trip to China this month to be strong voice for the millions of voiceless Chinese Christians and other religious groups who are oppressed by the PRC’s government."

Half of the documents in this 141-page publication were originally provided by an official of China’s Ministry of State Security despite a potentially high penalty, who subsequently went into hiding after handing the information to the New York-based CIPRC. Several other officials located in different positions within China’s public security bureaus provided the other documents.

The book contains statements made by the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security of their government’s continued intention to identify and ban a variety of "cults", which are considered to be a "crawling danger to domestic security and defense." In a speech by the vice director of the Department of Public Security of Anhui Province, Sun Jianxin, reviews the achievements of the year 2000 in forcefully investigating and banning "cults" as well as launching extensive battles and punishment against Falun Gong. He continues to describe the plans to maintain social and political stability in the face of "hostile Western powers hastening to continue their strategies of ‘westernizing’ our country."

A recent wave of persecution in China has led to hundreds of Christians imprisoned, sentenced to death, tortured and at least one martyred as well members of fringe spiritual groups such as the Falun Gong being similarly persecuted.

Religion and National Security in China will be released in cooperation with our human rights partners at Freedom House, Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors, Compass Direct, and the UK’s Jubilee Campaign.

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